Technicolor CineStyle™ Picture Style (profile) for Canon DSLRs - free download

To download the Technicolor CineStyle profile for your Canon DSLR check the link below. If you don't know what this is good for check the other link which will redirect you to Philip Bloom's website with some comparison screen shots and more information. Basically this profile increases the dynamic range of your camera which will give you much more possibilities in post production. A must have if you're filming with your DLSR.

download link

link to Mr. Bloom's post

Here's a litte demo video that I found on vimeo which demonstrates how the new picture style increases the dynamic range of your DSLR. I think it works pretty well, but check it by yourself.


Another Canon 550D No Budget Low Light Music Video (Bruno Mars' Grenade - Live Acoustic Cover Version)

Here's another video that I shot on the Canon 550D. It was a spontaneous shoot at midnight so I had no tripod, steadycam or rig with me. It was all shot handheld so there's a lot of camera shake in the clip. I did only have one Z96 LED video light to light the scene. Faces are overexposed everything else underexposed, but it was a just for fun shoot, so who cares. The camera was set to 1080 24p, ISO 3200, WB=5200K, flat custom picture style based on the neutral setting. It was all shot with the cheap 50mm lens. There were also some scenes that I shot with the kit lens, but I'm not sure if they ended up in the final clip. Audio was recorded on the Zoom H1 audiorecorder which was places in front of the band. It had a windjammer on it but the level was set to high so sound quality isn't as good as it should be. I edited this video over night and did some color correction with the famous Magic Bullet plugin.

I hope you enjoy the clip. Don't expect too much cinematography, just enjoy the music. If you have any questions concerning the shoot feel free to post a comment.