Making Time Lapse videos smoother with Twixtor

Just wanted to share a little video that shows how time lapse videos can be edited to look smoother.

As you can see, the twixtored video does look much smoother than the original clip, even if it was slowed down to 70% of its original speed. In fact the video at 70% speed, which was slowed down without the twixtor plugin, does look really choppy which makes it unusable. If you want to make your time lapse videos look a little bit smoother think about slowing them down a little with the incredible Twixtor plugin which you can find here. I'm really impressed with the results and I think this technique could even improve some of the great time lapse videos out there.

If you have any questions on how this was done feel free to ask me.

By the way, this little clip was shot on my Canon 550D with the Sigma 17-50 2.8 lens and my cheap timer remote cord from China. The sky was graded with the incredible Magic Bullet plugin.