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What is the purpose of this blog?
...this will definitely be no news site! My intention is to show some tips for shooting good videos and photos with the Canon 550D on a budget. I don't know if this will work out, but I'll try my best and hope it helps someone out there a little bit.

Who is the author?
...jonni, a student from Germany, interested in art, photography, video, etc. I'm no professional, I just like carrying around my camera and shoot some stuff.

I bought my 1st digital camera in 2003. I don't know the model any more because I switched to a Pentax Optio S after 2 days ;). When my brother killed this camera my Casio addiction started. Exilim S500, S600, S770 and finally the EX-F1. The EX-F1 is a really nice camera with a lot of fascinating features like highspeed video - but you simply can't compare it's quality with DSLR material. When I saw some ultra sharp and clear 7D videos on vimeo, I decided to save some money and go for it. But then the 550D came out...... and here I am: brand new 550D and some money left for lenses and other accessories ;)

Maybe you know my EX-F1 videos on vimeo or my DIY DOF adapter tutorial. If you liked this subscribe to my posts - I plan to build a steadycam and a slider for DSLRs, too. The material is already bought ;)

If you're interested in "art" check out my other blog: jonnionart.blogspot.com

When will this blog start?
...as soon as the layout is ready ;)

I hope you'll check by again. If you have any wishes for this site let me know.


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